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Team Bios

Michael Ryan, CEO
Jay Hindle, Vice-President
Stefan Hajek, COO
Marcus Mask, CFO
Devon Kliger, Director of Development
Ashley Bracken, Development Executive
Donald B. Mask, Chairman of the Board

Michael A. RyanAshley Bracken
Development Executive

Ashley Bracken is a professional actor and producer, and currently works both in development and production for Archetype Pictures. She graduated with a BA in theatre at California State University Northridge.

Bracken has recently worked as a producer on the films, Currency Rising, Changed, Evidence, and several music videos. In addition, she was a room producer for Craig Murray Productions; a large advertising company specializing in theatrical trailers and television print campaigns for major movie studio releases. She is experienced in budgeting, scheduling, and preparation for commercials, shorts, and music videos.

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