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Team Bios

Michael Ryan, CEO
Jay Hindle, Vice-President
Stefan Hajek, COO
Marcus Mask, CFO
Devon Kliger, Director of Development
Ashley Bracken, Development Executive
Donald B. Mask, Chairman of the Board

Michael A. RyanDevon Kliger
Director of Development

Devon Kliger has worked in film and television production since receiving degrees in Cinema Television Critical Studies and Anthropology from the University of Southern California.  He worked on NBC’s Las Vegas, and then moved to Warner Brothers Studios, where he became a Feature Production Management Trainee.  While at Warner Brothers, Kliger was involved in the development and production of a number of feature films, including I Am Legend, 10,000 BC, 300, The Watchmen, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince and Legend of the Guardians.  He then moved to Lima/Chase Productions, a new banner for Director Kevin Lima and Producer Chris Chase.  There, he has helped the duo develop a slate of Studio features, including Candy Land, Mr. Limpet, Avon Man, Changelings, Afterlife, and others.
Kliger has also independently produced, written or directed a number of short films and commercials including a series of spots for the Independent Film Channel, Volkswagen and the films Dear Diary and The Lucky Redneck.

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