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  • Interpreters
    Feature Length Narrative- Action/Thriller - In Development/Pre-Production

    Mark Griffin, a savvy special agent, is fired from a case due to a conflict with his employer, and retreats to his small hometown in Sullen, which has become an economic wasteland. As mysterious murders begin to threaten Sullen's mayor's plans for revitalization, Mark is dragged into a terrifying invesigation that leads to the discovery of beings (Interpreters) which use a technological device to steal people's memories. Mark discovers that the data from the victims is used to prolong the morality of a secret group of powerful individuals. Sullen sets the stage for their testing ground, and nothing will stop them unless Mark beats them at their deadly plan.

  • Dresden Sun
    Feature Length Narrative - Action/Thriller - In Development

    Ethan Soren, a gifted stock trader, becomes a valued corporate asset to his superiors by capitalizing on the economic turbulence of his world. One day, however, Ethan’s life is threatened when Ross Vilmore, a childhood friend, unexpectedly re-enters his life. Paranoid and on the run from a failed black market transaction involving stolen technology, Ross leaves Ethan fighting a ruthless shadow organization and deadly corporate rivals. With nowhere to run and no one to trust, Ethan must close a nightmarish trade at the risk of his life.

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  • Currency Rising
    Feature Length Narrative - Suspense/Drama - In Development

    After several victims fall prey to a fraudulent investment banker, they seek revenge by kidnapping the man responsible in hopes to steal his laundered fortune. Things take an unexpected turn after they hire a professional from the criminal underworld to assist them.

    A short version of the Currency Rising story was made in early 2011 and is currently being submitted for consideration to film festivals worldwide.

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  • Changed
    Short Format Narrative - Horror/Thriller - Released

    Two small town locals are lost in their middle-American world of complacency and have lost themselves in a relationship indicative of two lost souls, one satisfied with empty relationships and solitude, and the other mistaking easy physical intimacy with genuine attraction. Their lives are forever interrupted by the passing-through of two traveling vampires, fresh from their usual metropolitan practice of feeding upon the upper class. The seasoned vampires, though activated as much from boredom as hunger, play creator and destroyer as they reveal their true distaste for the human condition in today's world of deceit and corruption.

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  • Surface
    Feature Length Narrative- Thriller - In Development

    Embark on a journey that follows the suspenseful exploits of a crew operating a small drug submarine as it traverses the Pacific Ocean.

  • Voltage
    Feature Length Narrative - Biographical/Suspense - In Development

    Reveal the life of Nicola Tesla, his unusual visions, relationship with JP Morgan, rivals, and those who stole his invention of the radio along with his goal to achieve virtually free energy.

  • Awaken
    Feature Length Narrative- Action/Thriller - In Development

    A sequel to Dresden Sun, Awaken deals with rival corporations, people that have unique capabilities, and a deadly cat-and-mouse game over a new form of communication between parallel worlds.

  • Iris
    Feature Length Narrative- Drama/Adventure - In Development

    A veteran photojournalist being interrogated by an unknown military organization recalls a 25 year career of adventure and danger.

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