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Team Bios

Michael Ryan, CEO
Jay Hindle, Vice-President
Stefan Hajek, COO
Marcus Mask, CFO
Devon Kliger, Director of Development
Ashley Bracken, Development Executive
Donald B. Mask, Chairman of the Board

Michael A. RyanStefan Hajek
Chief Operating Officer

Stefan Hajek is a professional producer, business manager, actor, and visual artist. Having studied at Florida State University for four years and privately in Los Angeles for eight years, as an actor, he has performed in more than thirty theatre productions on both coasts, as well as starred in over twenty films and had a recurring stint on the major-network television show, Dawson's Creek. As a musician, he has played over 500 shows throughout the United States. With two different bands, he has penned music for five released albums, which has led to the production and composition of many works being featured in both independent and major studio films and on network and cable television.

Hajek created and managed a highly successful music talent management and concert event planning firm, Down South Productions, Inc. for six years, and then departed that world to pursue film production. He currently also maintains a print and web design company that has produced projects for Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp, Charlie Sheen, AEG Live, Carrie Underwood, Paul McCartney, EA Sports, Engine Entertainment, and many others.

Hajek's twelve years of visual design, business management, and production experience led him into the role of Chief Operating Officer and Lead Producer at Archetype Pictures in 2008. He has worked on films in many capactities, including working as an Actor, Producer, Unit Production Manager, Project Coordinator, Casting Director, First Assistant Director, and Music Supervisor. His credits as a producer include a 20th Century Fox feature (I Am) and other feature-length projects (The Ten: Volume I, The Ten: Volume II), as well as many shorts (Beauty and the Beasts, Stephen's Monster, Changed, Currency Rising, Seeing Other People, the Dresden Sun promo), and numerous music videos. More at

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